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The Name

Dead Sea reflects something of the nature of this lake.
Known in the Bible as the 'Salt Sea' this inland body of water its high mineral content allows nothing to live in its waters.

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The lowest point on Earth

The Dead Sea is located in the Syro-African Rift, a 4000-mile fault line in the earth's crust. The lowest point of dry land on earth is the shoreline of the Dead Sea at 1300 feet below sea level. That the lake is at the lowest point means that water does not drain from this lake. Daily 7 million tons of water evaporate but the minerals remain, causing the salt content to increase. Figures for the Dead Sea's salinity today range from 26-35%.  


Nearly ten times as salty as the world's oceans and twice as saline as the Great Salt Lake in Utah, the Dead Sea is rich with minerals. The Dead Sea Works company on the southwest side of the lake employs 1600 people around the clock to harvest the valuable minerals from the water. Potash is the most valuable of those extracted today and is used in the manufacture of fertilizer.

Healthy Water

The unique concentration of the Dead Sea waters has long been known to have medicinal value. Aristotle, Queen of Sheba, King Solomon and Cleopatra were all familiar with this and modern doctors as well often prescribe patients with deepsea3skin ailments to soak in the waters of the Dead Sea.

Because of the dropping level of the Dead Sea, the southern end is no longer under water, except for that which is channeled by aqueducts for the purpose of extracting minerals.

Biblical Stage

The Dead Sea, unlike the Sea of Galilee to the north, does not figure prominently in the biblical narratives. Its most important role was as a barrier, blocking traffic to Judah from the east. An advancing army of Ammonites and Moabites apparently crossed a shallow part of the Dead Sea on their way to attack King Jehoshaphat (2 Chron 20). Ezekiel has prophesied that one day the Dead Sea will be fresh water and fishermen will spread their nets along the shore.



  • Skin
  • Psoriasis
  • Arthritic Disorders
  • Acne
  • A topic Dermatitis / Eczema
  • Cellulite
  • Hair Loss
  • Aging and skin problems
  • General Stress
  • Dry skin
  • Dandruff
  • Wrinkling
  • Insomnia
  • Skin Allergies


It is also highly beneficial for relieving muscle tension or for simply relaxing and enjoying a rejuvenating experience. There's nothing like a soak in a Dead Sea Salt bath. This practice was once related to high -end spas and expensive skin clinic, but now therapeutic salt baths are becoming common practice in homes all across America..